Guéthary, a charming village along the Basque coast

Halfway between Biarritz and Saint-Jean-de-Luz, Guéthary is a typical Basque village and without a doubt one of the most beautiful villages of the region. Guéthary, as a former wale fishing harbour, shows its unique charm in a wooded environment, thanks to the architecture and the view. The village successively was a harbour for wale fishing, a fisherman’s harbour and an elegant beach resort attracting the first bathing fanatics. Today, Guéthary is worldwide known for its surf spots, very popular with surfers.
At only 15 km from Bayonne and also at 15 km from Hendaye, Guéthary is located at the centre of the Basque coast, offering view on the coast and the beaches of Les Landes, but also on the Pyrenees that are visible to the central summits.

To discover in Guéthary:

During your stay in Guéthary or a weekend break in this charming village, you’ll need to be careful not to miss the town’s park, that harmoniously unites hundred-year-old trees and modern sculptures from the musée d’art contemporain. After this visit, you can discover the town hall and the fronton, at the heart of the village, where all the events and activities of the village are organised. Guided by the salt air of the sea, you can then enjoy sitting on one of the terraces, an almost mythical place for some and an absolute must for an exceptional sight. In the shade of tamarinds, you can enjoy the view on the surfers and the sunset in the ocean. You can also visit the dry dock where you’ll find a number of colourful boats. Along the streets, you’ll find various places with reading desks, for a journey through the history of the village. They will take you to the church of the 14th century, along the Basque architecture and mansions.

To visit in Guéthary:

The village of Guéthary is a preserved part of the Basque coast. During your visit to the village, you can walk along the town hall of Guéthary, in the centre. Its front is made in neo-Basque style, with red beams, so very typical for the region. On the sides of the front you’ll see two exceptional sculptures. You can also visit the musée d’art et d’histoire of Guéthary, offering a permanent exhibition of bronze, earthenware and ceramics. The museum also exhibits modern art. You can visit the musée municipal de Guéthary, housing a permanent exhibition of sculptor GC de Swiecinski, remains of the Gallo-Roman salting factory and the original edtions of PJ Toulet.