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A detour to the famous chilli pepper capital is a must. Espelette, picturesque labourdin village shelters a beautiful heritage including the fortified church Saint-Etienne, the castle of the barons of Ezpeleta. As you stroll down the pedestrian street, look up and discover the sun-drying chilli peppers hanging from the facades of traditional houses.
espelette ville
The Espelette chilli pepper is the subject of a permanent museography at the castle, and can also be discovered through a complete tour at the chilli pepper workshop: from the cultivation methods to the uses in cooking, the whole world of chilli pepper is explored in a playful and educational way. A visit not to be missed if you are staying with your family at the camping Pays Basque ! Traditional festivals are also to be experienced every year in the village of Labourdin: the chilli festival in October is an opportunity to attend concerts, folk dances and demonstrations of Basque strength. In June, the Axoa festival celebrates this typical Basque stew made with veal minced meat, onions and chilli peppers. On the program of the festivities, a gastronomic fair, Axoa competitions, brotherhood parades, makilaris dances and a big popular meal. In January, the village celebrates the Pottok horse breed, of which it is also the cradle.

Campsite Ur-Onea 20 km from Espelette

The campsite in Bidart is an ideal destination if you are looking for a mobile home rental in Espelette or nearby: located only 20 km from the famous and picturesque village of Labourdin, it also allows you to enjoy the daily life of the Basque coast and the pleasures of the ocean. At 600 meters from the beaches, the Ur-Onea campsite is ideally located to discover the traditional villages of the land and the coast. The proximity of Espelette allows you to return several times during your stay to discover the heritage of the small town, visit its museums and participate in its festivities. Take advantage of a mobile home rental near Espelette to fully immerse yourself in the Basque culture and its traditions!

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