Discover the new water park!


The entire family can enjoy the water park that opened in April 2014, offering a covered and heated balneo pool, outdoor pool, river and water play garden.

Covered and heated swimming pool

Balneo pool of 150m2 with jacuzzi, whirlpools, massage wall, swan neck, anatomic benches in a covered area with water of 28°C to enjoy water fun starting from the opening in April.

The covered part of the water park is open from April to September.
You’ll also find a new heated outdoor pool (25°C) of 350m2 with a paddling pool for the littlest ones, a lagoon for children and adults, a swimming area and a countercurrent river, whirlpools, swan necks and a leisure Spa.

The outdoor part is open from May (or before) to September, subject to the weather.

Also enjoy water fun in the water play garden.
On the pool deck you’ll find sunbeds for tanning or relaxing.

As we would like to offer water fun to all our guests, the pools are no deeper than 1.40m.
Because we also wish to maintain a relaxing atmosphere, the covered part is exclusively accessible for adults  when the outdoor part is open subject to the weather.
In the water park, the wearing of swimming trunks is compulsory (no swimming shorts). Children only have access under the surveillance of a responsible adult. The minors have no access to spaces Balneotherapy inside when the outer ponds are opened and they can take advantage of Balneotherapy studios outsides.

Enjoy paddling around and relax.